. . COBRA EZ INSTALL™ In Ground One Way Traffic Spikes
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COBRA EZ™ Install In-Ground Traffic Spike System 
.Model 11320

11320.100 - 3′ (914mm) – Safety Red - 111 lbs.
11320.120 - 3′ (914mm) – Galvanized & Powder Coated Safety Red - 111 lbs.
11320.130 - 3′ (914mm) - Powder Coated Safety Red - 111 lbs.

Model 11620

11620.100 - 6′ (1829mm) - Safety Red – 225lbs.
11620.120 - 6′ (1829mm) – Galvanized & Powder Coated Safety Red - 225 lbs.
11620.130 – 6′ (1829mm) - Powder Coated Safety Red - 225 lbs.

No concrete required.
EZ to install with just a minimal cut into the road surface, remove dirt, add some crushed rock in the bottom for drainage control and adhere flanges into place on the road surface with construction epoxy and your DONE! Dramatically reduce time and labor costs of in ground installations.

  • 1/4″ Steel Top Plate
  • Top Down Design – Not Bottom Up
  • Durable Counter Balanced System
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Reliable Zinc Plated Moving Parts
  • Positive Stop Eliminates Wear
  • Specially Engineered Teeth
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Built-In Latch Down Device
  • Load Rated: 10 Tons or 20,000 lbs per Single Axle Load
  • Install on asphalt or concrete surface
  • Requires 2-Part Epoxy for Installation (Part #14250.100) 
  • Conditioned for Heater Cable System
  • Made in the USA
COBRA EZ™ Install - HEAVY DUTY In Ground Traffic Spike System

Model 11340

11340.100 - 3′ (914mm) - Safety Red - 139 lbs.
11340.120 - 3′ (914mm) - Galvanized & Powder Coated Safety Red - 139 lbs.
11340.130 - 3′ (914mm) - Powder Coated - 139 lbs.

​Model 11640

11640.100 - 3′ (914mm) - Safety Red - 185 lbs
11640.120 - 3′ (914mm) - Galvanized & Powder Coated Safety Red - 185 lbs.
11640.130 - 3′ (914mm) - Powder Coated - 185 lbs.

COBRA EZ™ Heavy Duty is constructed with 3/8" thick steel and load rated at a 20 Tons or 40,000 lbs. per Single Axle Load 

  •  No Concrete Required
  •  Road Surface & Top Plate Supports the Traffic Spike Unit
  •  Excavated area underneath provides the drainage space
  •  Stainless Steel Heater Cable is available for this unit , great for areas  that get snow and icy weather.
Sound Absorbing Rubber Bumper System
Watch this video and turn the sound up! 
With and without the rubber bumper. Can you hear the difference? 
Finally! An easy in ground traffic spike installation! 
EZ to install. Saw Cut the asphalt or concrete roadway, remove the dirt, apply adhesive to the edges of the backside of mounting flange and place over excavated area! That is it, your done!

This is the perfect traffic spike unit for low ground clearance vehicles like Corvettes. No more complaints about the traffic control spikes touching the car chassis or air dam. Spike Height of 2 ¼" - Clearance for low profile vehicles with maximum protection.

Please remember the 5 MPH Rule when crossing any traffic spike unit. Use speed bumps if necessary to control vehicle speed. 

Warning Signs should always be used.
Traffic Spike Warning Signs - Lighted Power is Required 
Mounts to a 3" OD Pipe Post 
Not Supplied

• Warning sign includes automatic light sensor
• Two 20-watt fluorescent bulbs
• Flood lamp to illuminate spikes
• Mounts on 3" post (not supplied)

 24" H x 24" W x 8" D
 61cm W x 61cm H x 20.3cm D

Operates on 115 VAC, 1.75 Amp
Two 20-watt fluorescent bulbs
150-watt flood lamp
Built-in light sensor
Secure On/Off switch
Galvanized steel housing painted white
ETL Listed
A Warning Sign is typically used with traffic control spikes to warn drivers that a one-way lane condition exists and that proceeding through the lane in the wrong direction will result in severe tire damage. The red side of the sign warns drivers to stop, while the green side warns them not to back up. With the built-in light sensor, the sign automatically illuminates at dusk and turns off at dawn.