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Manual Swing Gates

Affordable & Easy to Install 
​Secure your road way with an easy to install manual swing gate 
Single or Dual Gates to cover standard or wide traffic lanes
Manual Swing Gates are a smart, easy and affordable way to secure a road way!

Manual Swing gates can be used in rural, residential, commercial, military and forestry applications.

  •   Easy do-it-yourself project

  •   Gates may be installed in single swing or double swing configuration

  •   Available in many sizes: Standard widths are 12', 16' and 20' 

  •   Dual Swing Style can cover up to a 40 foot opening 

  •   Receiver Posts for the hold open position and the closed position 
  Powder Coated Steel Tube 

  Slide Bolt Style Lock assembly to accept a padlock

  Easy to install in-ground or surface mounted 

  Receiver Post 

  Made in the USA

This is a hinged gate. Nice and smooth. Nice and quiet - No metal on metal tube grinding or couplings squawking when you open and close our swing gates
Double Swing Gates for Extra Wide Lanes up to 40 foot lane coverage (two 20 ft gates)
Single Swing Gates up to 20 feet wide 
Receiving post - Used to lock the gate in a tied back open position or it can be used as a closing post to keep the gate locked in a closed position. Lock not provided.