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Road Blade™ Surface Mount Traffic Spike System
Model RB36 Detail Drawing

Surface Mount Application

This directional spike system is used to control traffic in one direction. Vehicle may enter, but not exit, without severe tire damage. Spring loaded spikes remain up and easily go down when vehicles pass over the system in the correct direction; however, if passing over it in the opposite (incorrect) direction, tires will be punctured.

A Surface mounted spike system also serves as a speed bump to slow down the flow of traffic to the recommended 5 MPH.

 - Easily installed to the existing roadway. Bolt or Glue Down
 - No excavating or asphalt cutting is required.
 - Low profile for smooth passage. 4" Overall Height. 2" H Teeth & 2" H Ramp
 - Fabricated in 3 Ft. Sections to customize lane width.
 - All welded construction.
 - 1/4" thick hot rolled steel for "lasting durability".
 - Stainless Steel Torsion Springs
 - Latch down Mechanism Included

High Performance Epoxy Coating in Safety Red or Safety Yellow
→Maximum corrosion protection
→Superior long-term solvent, chemical, and abrasion resistance 
→Outstanding impact resistance

Easy to maintain. No need to replace the entire unit. Just order the one foot top plate module assembly. A complete drop in module that includes top plate, teeth, spring and bearing blocks. Simply unbolt, lift out the old one and drop in the new one. No unprotected lanes! Quick and easy.  Individual parts are also available.
Stainless Steel Torsion Spring 
Traffic control spikes are ideal for controlling traffic direction and speed through a controlled entry location or parking lot. Traffic spikes prevent vehicles from proceeding through a traffic lane in the wrong direction by enforcing one-way traffic lanes.
Also available in 1 foot sections for easy shipping to military APO addresses.
Traffic Spike Warning Sign - Reflective 2 Sided Aluminum - Mounts to a typical U channel type post
U Channel Post